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June 16, 2009


Thanks to the lack of generic pipe fittings/equipment for different types such as cast iron, which even though it is new in 2010 (still lacks a lot of the basics) basic conceptual products such as invisible chases for coordination interference check, but more and more elements need to have the ability to be in discipline based linked projects, workplane and other plane based instead of only wall based for a lot of the generic types; But but to my point, thanks to all of that is missing, I have taught myself how to skip inventor (even though its parameter ui is great) and work directly in revit creating customized parametric families based on generic and manufacturer cut sheets, tie shared parameters to customized schedules to avoid using the native revit schedule editing, and find an excuse to get back into programming in programming languages I haven't used in a couple years. Customizing BIM management is much like the AutoCAD Architecture API and .NET and custom idrops and reactors that I taught myself over trial and error. It's always fun making the system work for you. Glad you are back to helping us 'hack' the system and utilize it in ways that increase our productivity, and make others go buh?.

OK then. How about a nice video on using the cut plane in display manager configurations with MEP objects ( I am assuming this works in this version since Kyle stated in his video on display manager that it only worked with Architecture objects, which surprised me because I can remember attending a class at a cadcamp back in2006 by the lazy drafter in which it seemed like the cut plane idea did in fact work with hvac stuff). Although I imagine it works much like in Revit, haven't exactly mastered it there yet either.

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