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November 12, 2007


Kyle - Manufacturer-specific families/objects (PIM) is so important, especially for MEP where exact geometry impacts mechanical coordination. I heard that Autodesk was going to release an addition to the Revit MEP library for subscription customers. What is the status of this?

Visa lighting has taken the time to build their catalog in Revit. The disappointing aspect is that we can not use the families because they are not face based. Autodesk needs to educate manufactures on how we work if they are going to take the time to build them.

Visa Lighting is currently working on building face based files. As a stop gap, we will convert individual product files as requested by users. Please email your request to BIM@visalighting.com, and we will meet your requirement ASAP.

Prior to the outlay of capital, we worked closely with Autodesk, users and BIM bloggers to solicit opinion and suggestions. Some 30 disks of file samples were sent out for review - neither Autodesk nor our focus group mentioned the need for face based files. It will take us a bit of time to convert the catalog to this format, but please believe that we are committed to this technology and will meet your requirements.

Please feel free to contact us at BIM@visalighting.com or you may reach me at gjackson@visalighting.com

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