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February 25, 2008


Is there a way to create an eccentric square to round takeoff? The video on eccentric square to round transitions was great, but doesn't work for takeoffs.

A list of what order these videos go in would be great...

As i started watching the "Adding Eccentric Round to Rectangular Transition.wmv" it referenced a different video...

I am sure i will be done with the videos before you put together a list but i though it would be nice to know from the get go... =]

I can't thank you enough for posting these.
One of my "nerd" friends passed me this link today and I am currently downloading to get to all the goodness you've posted.
Coming from someone who has worked with you before via the help desk, your videos were very helpful when we were asking questions.

Thank you again, and we miss you on the Acad MEP side! :)

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