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May 06, 2008


Wow Kyle, we can tell our manufacturers to get their BIM on here and they will be prefered by many the world over. This should get them a little excited. The format looks great.

Kyle, this is a great step toward a comprehensive BEM resource. One question. Who is having the final word when determing minimum level of techincal accuracy as well as univormity of content related information?



While it will be great to have a central location for a variety of products, it seems that in the long run we should be relying on the manufacturers to keep their own product lines up to date. How does a manufacturer keep control of the products listed on your site?

I agree that this is the way to go in the long run. The way that Seek is architected, Manufacturers can still host the content themselves, it will just be searchable on Seek. That way they are free to update the content as product revisions.

There are also options to have us host the content, although we are creating feedback mechanisms for updates if needed.

In the end we are not building this content for manufacturers, so it's up to them and you in the community to enforce updates and quality.


We have an internal content team that works with manufacturers to post content to Seek, and are also developing some model documentation.

Ultimately it will be everyone in the community that will be the judges of the content. We are exploring mechanisms for users to rate content and provide feedback. That mechanism should become an intricate part of quality assurance efforts on the site.

I think that the value for manufacturers is to get their products used in Revit models. If users are not satisfied with the quality, then there is an incentive for them to improve that quality.


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