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May 12, 2008


Whether there is an opportunity to edit property for metric wires, in mm2 not in AWG?

If I understand your question, yes. You can change the Project Unit for Wire Size to mm rather than inches.

The dialogs for the size libraries are a huge and welcome improvement...any word on when these become "stretchable" as with the ACAD MEP style manager?

One other suggestion from one of our clients was to include a link to a predefined filter for the pipe and duct size tabs, so the user can pick or define their filters for items such as system types. It might be a nice way to merge these two methodolgies together and solve some griping.

Great job as always - thanks - David B.

"The guy who's been working at that wall for 10 years?"

You talking about me again... it is time for a sabbatical.

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