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August 25, 2008


Hello Sir, Can u Please let me know where other truly useful white papers of RAC Subscription are available like Performance Technical Notes of RAC 2009.

Please guide me for following problem: - After installation the Common File folder (In Training Folder) is not exist in RAC 2009. Do u know where it is available for download at Autodesk? Please reply me at [email protected]

Also, There are many blogs r devoted to the Revit but Do u know a blog Specific for Rendering in RAC 2009 with Mental Ray?

Kyle I have found your lesson some of the most useful on the web, thank you.

I do feel that there needs to be a better convention for pipe fitting even duct fitting - much like you would find in the steel industry that has been adopted by most Arch BIM products. However the MEP product has many more loose ends than just the naming convention of pipe fittings. I would rather see a Find and/or replace, even better handling of warngings, maybe even FLAT OVAL ducts.

The industry has been around for basically a hundred years. With that in mind your convention should be that of the industry. Material:Type:Use or

I don't think general CAD users (no offense meant)should be applying the naming convention but rather those who are certified engineers. The convention should somewhat match that of the industry catalogs. You can not change the industry you need to match it it.

Also for library purposes under ELBOWS you might have folders that say CAST-IRON, PVC, Stainless-Steel, etc. Then within those a use folder, SANITARY, WASTE, etc., so that it is clearly broken down.

This is only a guess at some order butall engineers clearly know what they want so have match the thinking.

Thank you

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