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January 07, 2009


I have two questions:

1. What wouldn't work without SP3? I have done this since Revit Sytems 2.
2. Wouldn't be a little messy if you name all systmes with the same name? I know Revit will scream at you with warnings.

1. Prior to SP3, if you had connectors of the same type (i.e., two Pipe Hydronic Supply In connectors representing CHWS and HHWS on an AHU), this would work fine for the first system you add the equipment to.. however (i.e., say CHWS), however, if you were to add/create the HHWS system, the CHWS connector would become part of that system as well.
2. I didn't intend to infer that one would name all systems the same thing. The systems can be named whatever you want to - though, typically, I recommend naming pipe systems according to the common abbreviation that is used, (i.e., CHWS). In large installations where there may be more than one CHWS loop (i.e., two separate chillers), then, I would probably recommend that they be named 'CHWS-1' and 'CHWS-2' (or some such, perhaps more descriptive), then use the 'BEGINS WITH' filter instead of the 'EQUALS' filter.

One question. How to separate Piping and Plumbing systems to appear on different views? Piping shouldn't be shown on Plumbing plans and vise versa.
I use names like 'M-PP CHWS' and 'M-PL SAN'. But those names couldn't be used to name pipes.

What is your solution?


As a beginner, I liked this tutorial/presentation. What I lacked is the background. I mean the small details that the lack of them, make a foreigner and a new comer like me to re-play this 5 minute video 15 times. Like that this whole movie takes place in the plumbing scene. Or, the width of the lines – but this is left to another movie.
I'm not sure this comment is to be published, it is more like a reaction.
Thank you.

This appears not to work in Revit MEP 2010. Any ideas?

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