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August 17, 2009


There seem to be two typos on page 2. In paragraph 2, "300MCM" should be "#8". In paragraph 6, "#3" should be "#4" and the area should be changed to match. I havent had time to make it through more of the document.

Yea, there is quite a difference in #8 and 300MCM. Nice catch in paragraph 6 as well. I'll be sure and let the team know about these.
Thanks David!

Alright, I made it through the next page and there seems to be a typo in paragraph 8. The wrong area is used in the calc giving the wrong result of a #4 neutral (it should be much larger). This error shows in the final wire size at the bottom of the example as well.

I have sent this to my electrical engineers for review.

If you did not upsize your conductors for voltage drop the conductors would be undersized. You only use the 90c value for derating.You must size based on the lowest terminal rating, which for now is 75c or less.

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