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August 08, 2011


Thanks Martin! This is an excellent reference...one I could've used 4 mos ago lol. I produced a video of my own as part of a 'What's New in 2012' series, focusing on these changes alone. I might need to go back and double-check that I got all the details right, now that I have something "official" to go on :p

If DuctFittingModify is gone in 2012, what's the easiest way to modify (for example) a 45 deg. concentric transition to a 60 deg. transition- right now I'm finding it super frustrating to dig through sizes and reselect- I want my sizes to remain and just change the angle of the transition.. Thanks!

Hi RM- It should be rather straight forward to do what you want... simply select the fitting, and modify the angle in the properties palette. See this linked video: http://youtu.be/CuKcmcXt4PI

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